Blazened: Lozengy, Sable and Ermine, a Baton Sinister, Gules

EDWARD ZIFRAN OF GENDY, is an Early 13th Century Norman Knight (1207).
He writes bad Songs and poetry. He enjoys The Pennsic War;

He is the 103 Knight of the SOCIETY.

He currently is a Subject of the Crown of the EAST,

He has spent the last thirty years or so, trying to be the best knight he can, sometimes succeeding but usually failing. He tries to live by a very simple code:

My life for my King
My soul for my god
My heart for my Lady
And my Honor for myself

A brief Biography follows of his Achievements, that people have deemed him worthy of.



Tyger of the East Sept. 15, 2007 AS 42
Viscount (West/An Tir) Jan.3, 1976 AS 10
Baron of the Eastern Court Aug. 18, 1988 AS 23
Baron of the Court of Aethelmearc Aug. 17, 2002 AS 37
Baron of the Court of Atlantia Aug. 10, 2007 AS 42
Knight (West) June 21,1975 AS 10
Laurel (An Tir) May 22 ,1983 AS 18
Pelican (East) April 15,1989 AS 24
Augmentation of Arms (East) April 13,1996 AS 30
Royal Augmentation of Arms (Aethelmearc) Aug. 09, 2007 AS 42
Order of the Keystone (Aethelmearc) March 02,1996 AS 30
Order of the Dragons Heart (Middle) August 17,1996 AS 31
Order of the Silver Cresent (East) August 17,1996 AS 31
Order of the Leaf of Merit (West) May 2, 1981 AS 16
Award of Arms (West) June 22, 1974 AS 9
Order of the Golden Unicorn (An Tir) April 24, 1982 AS 16
Magistrae Ithra (An TIr) June 26, 1977 AS 12
Order of the Troubador (East) Sept. 08, 1984 AS 19
Order of the Cornelian (Aethelmearc) April 22, 2005 AS 39
Order of the Burdened Tiger (East) Oct. 06, 1990 AS 25
Order of the Seahorse (Ostgardr) April 08, 1989 AS 23
Order of the Bronze Tower (Settmour Swamp) March 28, 2003 AS 37
Sigel of Aethlmearc Sept 12, 1992 AS 27
Queen's Cypher (Sedalia - East) April 14, 1984 AS 18
King's Cypher (Brion II - East) September 30, 2006 AS 41
Shield of Chivalry (East) Oct. 1984 AS 19
Olde Shattered Shield (An Tir) May 22, 1983 AS 18
Bard of The Barony of Madrone Oct.30, 1973 AS 8
Bard Of The Barony of Madrone Oct. 1974 AS 9
Defender of Sea Girt Feb. 1979 AS 13
Hero of Lions Gate Aug. 1979 AS 14


Seneschal of the East Kingdom September 2005 - Present
Mayor for Pennsic War 33 August, 2004
Deputy Kingdom Seneschal (East) 1987 to 1994
Founding/First Seneschal of
  • Shire of Entice' (An Tir)
  • Shire of Xerophil (An Tir)
  • Shire of Shittimwoode (An Tir)
  • Canton of Whyte Whey (East)
Many other positons to numerous to mention
Director SCA INC. October 1994 - April 1998
President and Chairman, SCA INC. October 1995 to April 1998

All this and $2.00, still gets him on the Subway.