Welcome to the OP for the Order of Chivalry for the SCA. This page wasoriginally greated ,
Viscount Edward Zifran of Gendy, KSCA, OL, OP, ETC, secrectly refered to as 114-K103-60.

Beginning in 2018, Sir Tristen Sexwulf ( 1555-K1470-38) offered to continue the work started. His efforts have greatly modernized keeping things up to date.


Conventions used:
This list shows all Elevations to the Order of Chivalry. This means that if a person resigns the order and is later elevated to the Order again, that will count as two(2) elevations.

A person's "Elevation Kingdom" is determined by the Throne who elevated them (with one Exception, 199-K179 Gyrth Oldcastle of Ravenspur, who was knighted by his Queen and others, while he was King of the East, I have listed him as an Eastern Knight, regardless of any "Foreign" Hands on the sword. There may be others and I am sure people will tell me). This means that, like myself, those living in a Principality at the time of their elevation, are MOC's of the "Parent Kingdom".

This was one of the harder parts of the research into this project, as there is no "standard" way to place people in an OP. Some Kingdoms, list all MOC's living now or ever having lived in their kingdom on the OP with no designations. Some list list the "foreigners". SOme OP's have deleted the historical aspect of their Kingdom and when a Principality went Kingdom, deleted those residents thereof.
Also, some Kingdoms listing their CHivalry make no distinction between those elevation before Kingdom Beginnings and after. Thusly, the most tediuos part of this project, was checking elevation dates against Kingdom Creation dates (Atenveldt -> Meridies ->Trimaris, was an especially Tricky).

All in all, I have had a good time doing this AND welcome Tristen's taking over this project.

I need to thank the folowing sites, used as references:
  • All OP listings of all Kingdoms

  • SCA Royalty Page
    Zahra bint al-Nahr al-Ishbiiliya al-Naariya, Maintainer

  • Generations of the Chivalry - was maintained by the late
    Sir Steven MacEanruig and Ursula von Messerschmitt -
    Page appears to be defunct -

  • Generations of Ansteorran Chivalry
    Sir Burke Kyriell MacDonald, Maintainer

  • THe Order of Chivalry of the Middle Kingdom
    Creater, Sir Myles Blackheath; Programmer, Dafydd Blaidd; Administrator Sir Kaydian Bladebreaker

    Also where I took the Belt and Baldrick images from and hope they don't mind too much. I am sure these gifs must be copy written and respect that copyright very much and give full credit to whomever made these pretty pictures, please don't hit me, Myles.

  • Great thanks to the Order of Chivalry itself, for all the corrections and "rememberances". Some of us are very suprised at where we fall.

    And lastly, to you, the People of the SCA, who allow us the priviledge of serving you as a MOC. I personally am humbled at the fact that for over thirty-five years, I have enjoyed this priviledge, and hope, that I have not betrayed your trust, by either word or deed. I have strived over these year to live by a small four line code:

    My Life for my King
    My Soul for my God
    My Heart for my Lady
    And my Honor for myself

    I hope that in some small way I have been able to keep alive these Ideals of Chivalry in your hearts so that this game we all play together has been enjoyable.

    Thank you.

    In service, EDWARD "114-K103-60" Z